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Washington Juvenile Record Sealing

In Washington, juvenile court records do not automatically disappear when you turn 18. Almost all your juvenile records remain open to the public unless you ask the court to have your record sealed. However, before approaching the court, you need to know if you meet the eligibility criteria. If you qualify, you can clear your juvenile record.


It’s important to seal those records in order to qualify for housing assistance and student loans. The only way to seal your record is to take a specific series of actions. Our team can help you seal your juvenile record like it never existed.


For example, if any involved law enforcement agencies are contacted regarding your juvenile record, they would say something along the lines: "they have no record of the matter." All the details of your juvenile offenses will also be deleted from the national databases used for background checks. Lastly, you will be able to legally and honestly state that you have never been adjudicated or arrested on job and housing applications.


Our law firm specializes in juvenile record sealing in Washington, and we pride ourselves on consistently producing positive outcomes for our clients.

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Juvenile Records Can Impact Students Loans and College Admissions

If you have any childhood charges against you, it's best to get them sealed through a professional law firm. It can impede your ability to obtain student loans, at least for some time, depending on the type of student aid you are applying for.


Washington Record Engagement has a team of experienced lawyers who can help you seal your past records in an effective and timely manner. We’ve seen universities denying admission to students based on their past juvenile crimes. That’s why we are here; we can help you clear up your childhood records so you can focus on building your career. Why wait? Get in touch with us today.

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