• 12/28/2022
    What Is the New Hope Act?

    Even after being released from prison, a criminal conviction can have a significant negative effect on a person's life. It may be more challenging to find housing, employment, volunteer opportunities, or even insurance policies if you have a history of criminal offenses, but a recent law in Washington state may help to break down these barriers.

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  • 11/17/2022
    Crimes That Can Cause Someone to Lose Their Gun Rights in Washington

    Under the Washington State Constitution and Second Amendment, every individual has the constitutional right to possess a firearm—but this right is not absolute.


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  • A document shows the words “criminal record expungement.”
    How to Restore Your Gun Rights in Washington State

    Let’s say you’ve been involved in a crime, and you’ve been arrested and now have a criminal record. Because of your criminal record, you may have lost your firearm rights. This is especially true if you have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor.


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  • 09/07/2022
    How to Check if You Are Eligible for Expungement

    Often, having a criminal record can cause difficulty in obtaining employment, housing, or certain types of licenses. The good news is that you could be eligible for what’s known as criminal record expungement. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re eligible, you could start fresh with a clean slate. Read on for more information about expungement, including how to check if you qualify, and what the process is for filing for an expungement.

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  • 08/31/2022
    Juvenile Record Sealing and Juvenile Record Expungement: What are the Differences and Benefits of Each?

    The state of Washington permits juveniles to have their records sealed. This also applies to adults who want their juvenile records sealed after reaching the juvenile age requirement. Section 13.50.050 of the Annotated Revised Code of Washington allows those with a juvenile record to have the record sealed. You may have a public record if you have a juvenile conviction in Washington. 

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  • 06/30/2022
    The Numerous Ways in Which a Juvenile Record Can Limit College Opportunities.

    Juvenile records on your history can damage your chances of getting into the college of your dreams. Even if you have an impressive high school transcript, any form of juvenile conviction on your record will make college admissions considerably more difficult. It may also have an impact on your ability to obtain a student loan.

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  • 05/30/2022
    Why Do You Need an Attorney for the Expungement Procedure?

    Do you have a criminal record in Washington State prohibiting you from creating the life you want? If so, getting your record expunged can significantly elevate career and housing opportunities.

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